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Chicks and Tricks is a VR multiplayer game set in the intense world of chicken farming. 

You can find an updated and polished version on Steam


The previous version is no longer supported. 

A desperate farmer (VR player) attempts to save his chickens from a hungry fox (PC player), who returns to the coop every morning. Using his net to scoop his chicks to safety and swipe away Tricks, the hungry fox, the eternal battle for chickens continues.

A-symmetrical VR nonsense, the first player to hit the score limit is the winner!


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Cute concept. I enjoyed this with my girlfriend for about 15 minutes. It's a little too hard for the Farmer and too easy for Tricks though. Maybe work on balancing that out. As the farmer I see myself wishing the safety boxes were bigger and that chicks that fall way out of the play area would maybe walk back to the play area or go to the safety box? It's too easy to fling them out there espectially when trying to knock away Tricks. Chicks out there could slow walk to still give Tricks a chance but as it is now chicks out there might as well just die as soon as they land. 

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Thanks for the feedback! We're currently rebalancing, fixing and generally improving the game. Internally, we've already fixed the chickens so they run back into the play area, as well as a few other quality of life tweaks which should solve a few other issues. Getting the balance between the fox and the farmer is quite tricky, but we have a few solutions we're going to try to bring it a bit closer together. Cheers! :)